Vastuzones and its attributes

Vastu zones and its attributes
16 zones of Vastu has it’s own attributes
1) North – Money and opportunities
2) North of the northeast – Health and immunity
3) Northeast – Clarity of mind
4) East of the northeast – Recreation and fun
5) East – Social association
6) East of the southeast – Annexity and churning
7) Southeast – Fire and cash liquidity
8) South of southeast – Power and confidence
9) South – Relaxation and fame
10) South of southwest – Expenditure and disposal
11) Southwest – Relationship and skill
12) West of southwest – Education and saving
13) West – Gains and profit
14) West of Northwest – Depression and detoxification
15) North West – Support and banking
16) North of Northwest – Sex and attraction
Any imbalance in above Vastu zones due to Vastu dosha’s will leads to bad effects of that particular zone.
Well experienced and knowledgeable Vastu Consultant is capable to overcome such Vastu Dosha’s which further provides you a happy and prosperous life.

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