Vastushastra For home

                                                                       Main door of vastu
Main door plays an important role in providing prosperity.Any type of energy either it is positive or negative enter in the home through main door so main door as per vastu norms is helpful for growth.
Considering Brahma sthan as a center point when we divide whole vastu layout in 32 angular divisions considering correct directions we will get 32 pada’s of outer peripheral  vaastu devata’s which are seated on back of vaastu purusha.Some of these devata’s are with positive energy and some are with negative energy.Door location in these vaastu devata’s pad gives you positive or negative effects which further decide either your life is prosperous or with full of obstacles.
when main door is in north side – Kuber ,Bhallat and Mukhya Pada’s are positive for main door location.
                                                                   East side –
Jayant and Indra Pada’s are positive for main door location.
                                                                  South Side – 
Grihtaksha and Vithat Pada’s are positive for main door location.
                                                                  West Side – 
Sugriv and Pushpdant Pada’s are positive for main door location.
so choosing of correct location for your vastu is main important task.
                                           Internal arrgement as per vastu norms
In ancient books of vastu shastra it is clearly mentioned that where to perform particular activity for achieving good response of vastu energy and getting day by day growth in life. 
Internal arrangement which is not as per vastu shastra norms create disturbance in vastu energy and it badly affect hormony and life start to become painful.
Balancing five elements in vastu
Balancing of five elements in vastu plays an important role for prosperity.Each element has it’s own attributes.
Water:- water element represent’s flow and it’s location in vastu is north-northwest , North, north-northeast and northeast.As it present flow it becomes responsible for money flow, opportunity flow, healing power flow as well as flow for clarity of mind.Any imbalance in this element due to vastu defects leads to stagnancy of money and opportunities,ill health and confusions.
Fire :- Fire elements represent zeal.location of it in vastu covers area southeast, south and southsouth east.Any imbalance in this zones due to Vastu defects leads to less confident and lethargy which further leads to unsuccessful in work.
Earth :- Earth element represent stability in life and relations.This element covers SouthsouthWest, southwest.Any imbalance in this zone due to vastu defects leads to instability and distrurbed relationship in life.Skill is not appreciated.
Space element:- This element represent direct connection with universe. This element covers West of southwest, West, West of Northwest and Northwest.Any imbalance in this element due to vastu defects disconnect you from universe and overall growth can stuck.
Air (Wood) element:- This element represent social connection, receration,fun, churning and annexiety .This element covers east of Northeast,east and east of South east.Any imbalance in this zone due to vastu defect leads to poor social connection, sadness, higher level of anxiety.
So balancing of 5 element in vastu is must one for achieving prosperity in life….


Some vastushastra remedies and benefits

                                                              Kuber Idol

Placing of kubera in the north side of vastu ensure good financial growth.

vastushastra remedies

                                                             Running Horse 

Placing of running horses wall painting on north west zone of vastu helps to get rid off from loans and house energy will be increased.

vastushastra remedies

            Sword                                                                                                                                                 Placing of sword in the Jayant Pada’s of vastu ensure about success in work.

vastushastra remedies

                                                       Indra dev idol

Placing of Indra in the east side of vastu will help to increase administrative skills.

Vastushastra remedies

                    Dhanwantari Idol

Dhanwantari devata placed in north of north east will help to live healthy.

vastushastra remedies
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