Shivam Astrology (Horoscope prediction)

                                                         Horoscope prediction
Horoscope is nothing but map of your past karma’s….how will be your personality,how much money will you have,how is your brothers relationship,how is your home,how many properties will you belongs, is land suitable for you, how will be your relationship with mother,how many child’s will you have, how will be your education, how will be your relation with your children,can you live healthy,how will be your married life,which big obstacles can arise in your life,which is your lucky gemstone, luck day, lucky number, lucky color.lucky direction,which deity to be worship for getting success,is there any chances to go aboard, how will be your carrier or business,how will be your friends,is there any chances to get more benefits with less efforts,how much expenditure are in your life.which period of life is favourable for you.
We can get all guidelines regarding to all above mentioned points with the help of astrology.If obstacles comes in a path of success this can be minimized by applying Vedic astrology remedies.
In short well experienced astrologer can put your life clear picture in front of you and have a capacity to low down intensity of problems what we extacly do.

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