Importance of gemstones


Importance of gemstones…
Gemstone work as a remedial tool to overcome the bad effects of planets. There are too many opinions regarding to which gemstone to be used. My personal experience is that there are two methods of gemstones wearing.
1) To remove the ill effects of your particular problem
2) To improve your luck
In the horoscope there are 12 house’s having its own attributes the first house is related with your personality, second with wealth, third will relationship with brother and neighbourhood, fourth is with home, property, mother, vehicles, fifth with your children’s and education, sixth with all diseases and enemies, seventh with your married life and partnership, eighth with death and insurance, ninth with luck, tenth with carrier, eleventh with friends and extra income and twelfth with expenditure.
Depending upon which problem you are facing in your life, the gemstone of particular concern house of a horoscope can be used.
In the horoscope ninth house indicates luck factor so to boost it you can use gemstone of this particular house lord planet.
Really uses of gemstones will work well for your problem solving and your life will become obstacles free.

Note:- Please do not wear gemstones of planets related to sixth, eighth and twelfth house of horoscope.

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