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Vastushastra for home

As per vastu shastra norms we divide your home in 32 section for checking door positivity,then internal arrangement in vastu will be checked and finally 5 elements in vastushastra will be checked for it’s balance.By checking of vastu in this systematic and scientific way and by applying accurate remedies you will become problem free and happy, healthy, wealthy life with good relationship can be experienced.


Vastushastra for business

As per the vastushastra and your horoscope we improve your business.

Home , office or factory constructed as per vastu norms maintain energy flow in premises in such way that good health, happiness, prosperity and business growth is ensured.


Horoscope prediction

We give personalised guidance based on birth date of each family members. Horoscope is a important tool to know about your future.Well experienced astrologer can provide you clear exposure about your future activities which will happen in your life.Such guidelines becomes handy to plan your goals achievement.In bad phase of life big dissiccion can’t be taken or postponed, and in good phase of life by taking right decisions desired goals can be achieved easily.No doubt go through the astrologer prediction results in to happy , healthy and wealthy life.

Why Choose us

Benefits of Shivam Astrovastu


Horoscope prediction

Get personalised horoscope prediction on date of birth for each family member with vedic remedies for your happy life.

Plan for new home,business,

Home , office or factory constructed as per vastu norms maintain energy flow in premises in such way that good health, happiness, prosperity and business growth is ensured.

vastushastra remedies

No structural Changes

Basically we don’t suggest for any structural changes in your house or business place. The remedies are easy to implement 

Affordable Fee's

Currently vastu consultancy fee’s are too high in the market.We will consult you in a Affordable charges with good results.Shivam Astrovastu consultancy services is a service provider for a common man also who dreams to live happy and prosperous Life.


Do you know each and every problem in person’s life is related with three things – past karma’s, vastu and horoscope.Shivam astrovastu consulatancy is only consulatancy that provides you services in combination of these things vastushastra for home,vastushastra for bedroom,vastushastra for kitchen,vastushastra for main door and Astrology that is get personalised horoscope predicton.

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Shivam Astrovastu happy clients says,

I am very happy to tell u that this shivam astrology have lot of experience in vastushastra,astrology.they tell me about how we can arrange our home by vastushastra.vastushastra for home,vastushastra for bedroom,vastushastra for main door etc.
Mr.Lakhan Babar
Shivam Astrovastu Consultancy suggests minimum changes with great results,they help me with astrology prediction,that is horoscope prediction on each of my family member which help in deciding right direction in my life.
Aniket sawant
Greate Vaastushastra guide to improve your health and wealth stability.Its really work, if u guided properly by shivam vastushastra and astrology or horoscope then u can remove the problems which u facing long time .you can improve your positive energy.This is the very best services for vastushastra issues.I want suggest all of you to book your visit in very affrodable fees.
Pawan Biradar
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